Couple Therapy Services

Intimate relationships can be one of the most satisfying and challenging parts of our lives.

Our therapists will provide you with practical strategies to strengthen your emotional connection and communicate more effectively. We will also provide a safe and comfortable space to work through areas that feel stuck in your relationship. We have special training in providing new ways to dialogue about issues so that they no longer hold you in a gridlock. Our goal is to give you both the tools to become masters of your relationship.

In addition to couple therapy, we also offer several other relationship-building services listed below:

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Affair Recovery

We use a specific process called the Trust Revival Method which has been well researched and shown to help couples process the emotional grief and work together to rebuild.

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Intensive Couples Therapy

Not in the Sherwood Park or Edmonton area? Why not consider a couples intensive at our office. We can cover several sessions together over a one or two day period.

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Marriage Preparation

Are you and your partner in the midst of planning for the big day? Enter boldly and confidently knowing your relationship toolbox is full.

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Relationship Check-Up

Like an annual check up at the Doctor is a good way to make sure everything is in working order, why not do the same for your relationship.