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Grow stronger together.

We understand that personal struggles are sometimes difficult to navigate and having the support of a qualified therapist can help.



We are Psychologists serving the Edmonton and Sherwood Park area who specialize in providing counselling to couples.

When you find your relationship going through challenges big or small, many couples find counselling can help get things back on track.

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What We Provide

Our therapists are trained in a variety of effective, research-based treatment approaches, offering you the support you need to create the relationship you want.

Some couples also find that even when things are going well in their relationship, a tune-up with a therapist allows them to keep prioritizing their relationship and make it their best.


Affair Recovery

Infidelity. Now what? If your relationship has experienced an emotional or sexual affair, we are here to help you.

Marriage Preparation

Are you and your partner in the midst of planning for the big day? Enter boldly and confidently knowing your relationship toolbox is full.

Still Have Questions?

Take a look at some of our FAQ’s to help you understand more of what we do and the process that it entails.